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A customizable software platform for schools which provides students flexible payment solutions & enables them to bridge funding shortfalls, complete their education, join the workforce and improve their lives.

What is one of the most common reasons why students drop out of school? Finances.

Schools utilize the Tuition Options’ software platform to help students stay enrolled and on the path to achieving their dreams through flexible repayment plans.

“Thank you for all your patience and understanding. You guys have made a situation that began a year ago with the scary possibility that I might not get to finish school into a very positive experience where not only did I finish, I’m working my way up at my dream company. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys and everything you’ve done and are continuing to do for me.”

Sincerely, Ashleigh N

Services we deliver for schools.

Repayment Programs Based on Your School’s Terms

Your school sets and controls the program terms on our software platform which enable you to offer affordable payment options to your students.

Account Origination and Disclosures

Schools use our platform to originate repayment plans and institutional loans with the applicable truth in lending and regulation Z disclosures.

Student Support

Student borrowers can e-sign your school’s repayment documents, manage their account and make payments through our student portal.

Account Servicing

Tuition Options executes a systematic and consistent outreach approach with each student to help keep them on track.

Payment Processing

Payments are accepted online, by phone or mail for your student payments. Students are never charged a convenience fee.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports are available to school administrators 24/7 via our online platform for tracking student payment activity and delinquency. 

Best Practice Guidance

Schools utilize best practices and analytical data to strategically manage its loan program to improve portfolio performance and keep students engaged.

Onboarding: How a Partnership Works

Helping students like Jane succeed.

Jane has a $4,000 balance due to her college, but she cannot pay the full amount and is not approved for a private loan or any other funding options.

Jane is a great student and her school wants to help her with her financial issues.

 Jane signs up for a monthly payment plan with terms, set by her school, for affordable payments that fit her budget.

 This plan allows Jane to stay in school so she can graduate and she finds a job as a nurse. Jane is able to pay back her remaining balance to her college. It is a win/win for the student and the school.

• Jane pays $500/month for 8 months vs. $1,000/month for 4 months, allowing her to remain enrolled. 

• The extra $500/month makes a big difference for Jane in meeting her monthly living expenses.

• Adding a few months to the loan term represents a very small difference in recovery time for Jane’s school. 

• Offering a flexible payment solution allows the school to keep a quality student enrolled.

Helping students and schools succeed.

Tuition Options provides a compliant software platform and loan servicing support to help schools administer student-friendly payment programs for their students. Below is an actual example that illustrates these positive results.

“We’ve been working with Tuition Options for many years now. The partnership has been really valuable for us, in that we’ve developed a very refined process on handling our out-of-school balances.”

Jeff Arthur
Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Chief Information Officer


Tuition Options operates as a third party servicer nationwide and is licensed as a student loan servicer in required states.

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