An extension of your school.

Outsourcing the administration of your gap funding program makes sound administrative & economic sense. Our customized and student- friendly servicing solutions produce positive results for schools and students.

Customized repayment programs.

Tuition Options is a third party loan servicer offering best practice solutions to schools which result in regular and predictable cash flows for schools and offer students an affordable financing solution. Your school sets all terms and eligibility criteria, providing your students with a complete gap financing package with manageable payments. Our experienced team will professionally service your program using best practices that positively reflect your school’s character and reputation.

Expanded enrollment options.

Are you able to meet the needs for all qualified students?

Tuition Options provides your school with the flexibility to offer payment options that meet the needs of every student who you want to enroll without needing to discount or grant away funds.  Your team spends time and resources to enroll a new student. Does your school offer repayment options for students who cannot afford to pay before graduation? 

Do you have a clear understanding of how your students are repaying?

Without ongoing analysis of your payment portfolio performance, your school cannot make positive steps to optimize it. Transparency and accountability are at the core of all that we do and we provide 24/7 access to reports so that you can track student payments. Your partnership with Tuition Options includes access to our expert analysts who can provide the insight and guidance you need to ensure that your goals are being met. 


Are you making too many financing exceptions for students?

If your schools is like many, it may offer only payment plans which include restrictions on how many payments are allowable. That means that your school either needs to drop a student who cannot pay within this framework or make subjective exceptions. Tuition Options helps you expand your offerings so that you can meet the payment needs of more students.

Is your current servicer truly focused on you and your students?

The manner in which a third party loan servicer operates is a direct reflection on your school and the overall student experience. Student loan servicing is all that we do at Tuition Options—and we’ve been doing it for over 40 years. We are solely focused on providing a positive student experience and strong repayment outcomes for our school partners.

Want to get started?

Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and review of your current program and practices.

Helping schools succeed.

Tuition Options partners with schools to assist with managing their payment plans. The example below illustrates tangible results achieved by a partner school.

“Our parents and students appreciate the flexibility Neumann offers for students to be successful though utilizing Tuition Options’ payment options…”

Eileen M. Tucker
Director of Financial Assistance

Comprehensive capabilities.


Tuition Options operates as a third party servicer nationwide and is licensed as a student loan servicer in required states.

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