Supporting Our Vets!

Congratulations Scholarship Winners!

The Veterans Assist Scholarship


from Tuition Options helps deserving veterans 

fund their education at our partner schools!

In furthering our commitment to the military veteran community, we are proud to support
accomplished veterans through educational scholarships. Congratulations to these
outstanding individuals who set the bar high in and out of the classroom.

Debbie Doria

Program: Nursing

Debbie was selected amongst her peers for her stellar GPA, solid attendance record and enthusiasm for the nursing program. As a single parent, she commutes over an hour each way to school on a daily basis. Congratulations to Debbie on receiving the VAS award!

Anthony Boyer

Programs: Welding & HVAC

Anthony is an all around stand-up student who was
selected for his commitment to his country, his education and his future career. He is a student ambassador and served in the US Army for four years.  He writes, “my future is brighter than ever and my hopes for a fulfilling career upon graduation are higher than I could have ever imagined.”

Jesus Cortez

Program: Bachelors in Business Administration

Jesus was selected by both campuses for his unwavering dedication to his studies and commitment to the program. He has a perfect attendance record despite working full time outside of class, and has earned certifications and digital badges. Congratulations to Jesus on his outstanding achievements and for his selection as a VAS recipient!

Celeste Friedrichs

Program: Respiratory Therapy

Celeste, an Air Force veteran, is a very hard working student and loves to be involved in extracurricular activities on campus. She is a member of the Diversity Committee and organized a blood drive here on campus. Her determination and ever-positive outlook on life has made a noticeable impact on those around her during her service career and with her fellow students at SJVC. Congratulations to Celeste on her scholarship award!

Brian Briones

Program: Information-Technology Administration

Prior to attending MTI, Brian spent three and half years in the United States Army, and he also attended Saint Louis University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. Prior to completing his program of study at MTI College, Brian was offered a position with Intel and relocated to Oregon. Brian is currently taking online classes in order to complete his degree. Congratulations Brian!


Program: Optometry

Antonio has maintained a straight A’s/Honor Roll status on every single module he has completed to date. In addition to earning Excellence Awards for the 2nd and 3rd quarter, Antonio has also been recognized for his service work, being honored with the Helping Hands Pin. His goal is to establish a stable career in today’s e-commerce environment. “I believe optometry will survive this because of the hands-on approach required by the job.” Congratulations Antonio!

Tuition Options funded the Veterans Assist Scholarship and recipients were selected
by each school partner based on criteria as defined by the school.


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